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Course: Solar Power Intensive Training
Autor Wiadomość
German Academy

Wysłany: 2014-04-10, 11:42   Course: Solar Power Intensive Training

Date: May 26th – June 3rd, 2014 – Kassel, Germany
The German Academy for Renewable Energy and Environmental Technology offers this Solar Intensive Training course in cooperation with the Fraunhofer Institute for Wind Energy and Energy System Technology (IWES).
This Solar Intensive Training course will consist of a theoretical aspect made up of lectures, presentations, and exercises along with a practical aspect where participants will have the chance to visit a German manufacturer of a solar power branch and take part in a sight tour of different solar fields . These activities provide participants the opportunity to discuss their topics of interest with experts, producers, and potential business partners.

At the end of the seminar participants have the possibility to attend Intersolar Europe 2014 in Munich, from June 04-06.


German Academy’s classroom at Fraunhofer IWES, in Kassel, Germany.

Target Group
Engineers, technicians, decision makers, experts, and industry newcomers; as well as practitioners of manufacturers, suppliers, operators, developers, and investors in the renewable energy sector with basic knowledge pertaining to electrical engineering and/or mechanical engineering.

A certificate of participation will be handed out to participants who have attended at least 90% of the Solar Intensive Training course upon completion of the program.

Registration Procedure
For registration, please fill out the attached form and send it along with your updated CV to the address located under the Registration and Contact Information section. Please specify that you wish to join our Solar Intensive Training course. Within a few days you will know if your application has been accepted.
Application and Payment Finalization Deadlines: 30.04.2014.

We encourage you to check our website http://www.germanacademy.net/programs.html for further information in PDF format about the contents, registration process, deadlines, accommodation, target groups, options and fees.

Registration and Contact Information
The German Academy of Renewable Energy and Environmental Technology
Kaiser-Friedrich-Str. 4a, 10585 Berlin, Germany
E-mail: info@germanacademy.net
Web: www.germanacademy.net
Phone: +49 (0)30 33778033
Mobile: +49 (0)152 01775675
Fax: +49 (0)30 63426227

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